Dive Sites in Aqaba

The Gulf of Aqaba is a place known to have one of the most beautiful dive sites of the world due to the amazing combination of sea life, corals, water transparency and nice weather it offers year around. The sea in the Gulf of Aqaba is almost invariably calm with temperatures varying between 19/20 C in winter months to 26 C in summer.

You would be able to enjoy diving in the Gulf of Aqaba whether you are an experienced diver with our Guided dive or a beginner with our Try Dive supervised by our dive operators and qualified instructors available for every level. You would also easily find diving equipment rentals and everything you might need for diving available at our dive center.


Dive Sites & Maps in Aqaba

There are over thirty main dive sites Aqaba, most of them suitable for all levels of diving skills. All Dive sites in Aqaba are fringing reef stretching for a distance of over 25km right down to the Saudi Arabia border, there are no off-shore reefs. The reef starts literally at the waters edge and extends like the fingers of your hands into canyons leading to pinnacles and drop offs. At most dive sites in Aqaba, when you are only 100m from the shore you are already descending to 50m or more. When shore diving, the dive starts as soon as you enter the water and continues until the last few centimeters. The beaches are all easily accessible and our transportation will drop divers right up to the waters edge. 


Dive Sites in AqabaAshraf’s Grotto (Paradise)

Aqaba Diving Site: Ashraf's Gratto

This site is also known by the name of ‘Paradise‘. Although currently only accessible by boat, this is a beautiful site and great if you’re interested in doing some underwater photography.

Dive Sites in AqabaBlack Rock

Aqaba Diving Site: Black Rock

The Black Rock dive site is one of the most popular dive sites purely because of its location at a private beach club, Black Rock is another great dive for beginners.

Dive Sites in AqabaBlue Coral

Aqaba Diving Site: Blue Coral

Blue Coral dive site have a Wonderful reef valleys run through with impressive pinnacles at the end of the valleys. This site is good for spotting shrimpfish, seahorse and more..

Dive Sites in AqabaCable Reef

Aqaba Diving Site: Cable Reef

Cable Reef, like the name has an electricity cables that connect Jordan to Egypt which become part of the reef. This is an amazing view with some occasional visits of turtles.

Dive Sites in AqabaCedar Pride Wreck

Aqaba Diving Site: Cedar Pride Wreck

The cedar pride was scuttled for divers on November 16th 1985. The top this wreck is 10m and the bottom depth is 26m. You can dive inside the wreck, underneath and around it.

Dive Sites in AqabaEel Canyons

Aqaba Diving Site: Black Rock

The Eel canyon is named after the garden eels that protrude the bottom of the canyons, to the west of Kirk’s Forest in 38 – 58m lies the Shorouk Ship Wreck.

Dive Sites in AqabaEel Garden

Eel Garden Dive Site Aqaba

Eel Garden dive site is full with “small things”. Shrimp Fish, Ghost Pipe Fish and Pipe Horses. Other marine life are usually hiding in the black corals and other small marine creatures.

Dive Sites in AqabaFirst Bay North

Aqaba Diving Site: Cable Reef

First Bay North dive site is a drift dive site. it can be explored as deep or as shallow as you like, and offers you the chance to see turtles and rare frog fish.

Dive Sites in AqabaFirst Bay South

First Bay South Dive site Aqaba

Once you get into the First Bay South dive site, you will find the cabbage-looking coral at the depth of 18m on the corner of the reef and then follow the counter of the reef.

Dive Sites in AqabaGolden Reef

Aqaba Diving Site: Black Rock

The Golden Reef Dive site has an interesting reef to explore in every direction. Huge shoals of Fusiliers are common here and the occasional Hawksbill Turtles and many Moray Eels.

Dive Sites in AqabaGorgone I One

Gorgone I One Dive Site Aqaba

Gorgone I One Dive Sites is an excellent shallow dive in an area covered in coral. There are 3 pinnacles, each with its own ecosystem. The central pinnacle boasts a busy cleaning station.

Dive Sites in AqabaGorgone II Two

gorgone II two Jordan Aqaba dive site

First Bay North dive site is a drift dive site. it can be explored as deep or as shallow as you like, and offers you the chance to see turtles and rare frog fish.

Dive Sites in AqabaJapanese Garden

Japanese Garden Dive site Aqaba

Japanese Garden dive site is known for its rocks and stones, this dive site has amazing flora and fauna and all at shallow depths. its popular for snorkeling as it is one of the prettiest dive sites.

The Japanese Garden toGorgone I Drift

The Japanese Garden to Gorgone I One Drift | Dive Site

The Japanese Garden to Gorgone I One Drift Dive Site will take you along the reef gardens from the Japanese Garden to the Pinnacles from Gorgone I One time about 50-60 min.

Dive Sites in AqabaKing Abdullah Reef

King Abdullah Reef Dive Site Aqaba

King Abduallah Reef dive site, named after the King Abdullah II, is popular reef for divers, with beautiful coral on top of the reef and larges shoals of pennant fish, and Torpedo Rays.

Dive Sites in AqabaKiwi Reef

Kiwi Reef Dive Site Aqaba

Kiwi Reef dive site named after a diver from New Zealand. At the bottom of grass slope there are numerous small pinnacles form a breeding ground for juvenile fish.

Dive Sites in AqabaOliver’s Canyon

Olivers Canyon Dive Site Aqaba

Oliver’s Canyon dive site enables you to dive a little deeper. Swimming through the canyon’s reef and natural life, you are literally surrounded by coral reefs.

Dive Sites in AqabaParadise

Paradise Dive Site Aqaba Jordan

The solid reef gardens are home to many different species. Enjoy your time around the soft coral garden observing the most beautiful soft corals in Aqaba.

The Seven Sistersto The Canyon Tank

Seven Sisters to the Canyon Tank Dive Site Aqaba

Seven Sister to the Tank has The M40 tank that scuttled in 1996. Many species found inside and around the tank as well as around the Seven Sister pinnacles that are close by.

Dive Sites in AqabaYellowstone Reef

Yellowstone Reef Dive Site Aqaba

Yellowstone Reef gives you the chance of seeing a torpedo ray swimming here. Even before you reach the reef, you can find sea moth and pipe horses in the grass area.

Dive Sites in AqabaPower Station

Power Station dive site aqaba

The Power Station Dive site does not boast and elegant name but it is a spectacular wall dive, conducted as drift from north to south.

Dive Sites in AqabaRas Al Yamanya

Paradise Dive Site Aqaba Jordan

Ras Al Yamanya Dive Site provides an excellent training area for divers with standing depth down to 5 meters on a flat sandy bottom where you can practice without damaging the corals.