Ashraf’s Grotto Dive Site

This site is also known by the name of ‘Paradise‘. Although currently only accessible by boat, this is a beautiful site and great if you’re interested in doing some underwater photography. Made up of several small pinnacles of coral, you’ll see in Ashraf’s Grotto dive site many fish swimming in the shallower depths. Eventually as you slope deeper you will also arrive at a short wall and a curious looking cave.

This dive site is only accessible during high tide. It is a deep dive starting at 20 meters. At a depth of 30 meters, there are some exciting caves.

Ashrafs grotto aqaba diving site map

Diving Site Information

Aqaba diving site name
Site Name:

Ashraf’s Grotto Dive Site

Aqaba diving site accessibility


Aqaba diving site difficulty
Difficulty Level:


Aqaba diving site hotspots
Site Hot Spots:

(2) Buoy and Port Buoy

Aqaba diving site depth range
Depth Range:

20 ~ 30 Meters

Aqaba diving site distance from shore
Distance from Shore:

30 Meters

Aqaba diving snorkeling site
Suitable for Snorkeling:


Aqaba diving site Natural features - specs
Site Natural Features:

Caves, Short Wall

Aqaba diving site status
Diving Site Status:

Active, during high tide only

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