Oliver’s Canyon Dive Site

Oliver’s Canyon Aqaba dive site enables you to dive a little deeper. Swimming through the canyon, you are literally surrounded by coral reefs.

olivers canyon aqaba dive site

Dive Site Information

Aqaba diving site name
Site Name:

Oliver’s Canyon Dive Site

Aqaba diving site accessibility

Shore, Boat

Aqaba diving site difficulty
Difficulty Level:

Beginner, Intermediate

Aqaba diving site hotspots
Site Hot Spots:
Aqaba diving site depth range
Depth Range:

5 ~ 30 Meters

Aqaba diving site distance from shore
Distance from Shore:

30 Meters

Aqaba diving snorkeling site
Suitable for Snorkeling:


Aqaba diving site Natural features - specs
Site Natural Features:

Coral, Reefs

Aqaba diving site status
Diving Site Status:


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