Eel Canyons Dive Site

The Eel canyon is named after the garden eels that protrude from the sand in the bottom of the canyons, deep off the Eel Canyon dive site, to the west of Kirk’s Forest in 38 – 58m lies the Shorouk Ship Wreck.

There are many Lionfish under coral ledges and some nice black coral bushes. You can enjoy a swim through at the bottom of one the spurs of coral-be careful with your fins though. The Shorouk Wreck was scuttled by the Aqaba Marine Park on 18th of June, 2008 to create an amazing site for technical divers. Due to its depth, coral growth happens more slowly than in the sunny waters above, the ship wreck almost looks like it have been sunk the today’s early morning.

Cedar Pride Wreck Dive Site Aqaba

Dive Site Information

Aqaba diving Site Name
Site Name:

Eel Canyons Dive Site

Aqaba Dive Site Accessibility

Shore, Boat

Aqaba Dive Site Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level:


Aqaba Dive Site Hot Spots
Site Hot Spots:

Beach, Beach Entry, 3 Buoy, Al shorouk Ship Wreck

Aqaba Diving Site Depth Range
Depth Range:

20 ~ 30 Meters

Aqaba Dive Site Distance from Shore
Distance from Shore:

10 Meters

Aqaba Dive Site Suitable for Snorkeling
Suitable for Snorkeling:


Aqaba Dive Site Natural Features
Site Natural Features

Eels, Lion Fish, Black Corals

Aqaba Diving Site Status
Diving Site Status: