Blue Coral Dive Site

Blue Coral dive site have a Wonderful reef valleys run through with impressive pinnacles at the end of the valleys. This site is good for spotting shrimpfish, seahorse, and all kinds of worms, nudi branches and pipefish.

Accessible only from the shore off Tala Bay, this is also photographer’s paradise. The jetty has beautiful soft coral growing on it.

Blue Coral dive site aqaba

Diving Site Information

Aqaba diving Site Name
Site Name:

Blue Coral Dive Site

Aqaba Dive Site Accessibility

Shore, Boat

Aqaba Dive Site Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level:

Beginners, Intermediate

Aqaba Dive Site Hot Spots
Site Hot Spots:

Aqaba Diving Site Depth Range
Depth Range:

5 ~ 30 Meters

Aqaba Dive Site Distance from Shore
Distance from Shore:

10 Meters

Aqaba Dive Site Suitable for Snorkeling
Suitable for Snorkeling:


Aqaba Dive Site Natural Features
Site Natural Features

Shrimpfish, Seahorse, Nudi Branches, Pipefish, All kind of Worms

Aqaba Diving Site Status
Diving Site Status: