First Bay North Dive Site

First Bay North is a drift dive site with the entrance south of the marine science station. This site can be explored as deep or as shallow as you like within the marine park’s restrictions, and offers you the chance to see turtles and rare frog fish.

First Bay North Dive Site Aqaba

Dive Site Information

Aqaba diving Site Name
Site Name:

First Bay North Dive Site

Aqaba Dive Site Accessibility

Shore, Boat

Aqaba Dive Site Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level:


Aqaba Dive Site Hot Spots
Site Hot Spots:

Beach Entry, Buoy

Aqaba Diving Site Depth Range
Depth Range:

5 ~ 15 Meters

Aqaba Dive Site Distance from Shore
Distance from Shore:

20 Meters

Aqaba Dive Site Suitable for Snorkeling
Suitable for Snorkeling:


Aqaba Dive Site Natural Features
Site Natural Features

Turtles, Rare Frog Fish

Aqaba Diving Site Status
Diving Site Status: