Black Rock Dive Site

The Black Rock dive site is one of the most popular dive sites purely because of its location at a private beach club, Black Rock is another great dive for beginners.

The coral here is shallow and beautiful. You can also reach great depths, easily up to 40m, Home to Ornate Ghost Pipefish. The northern side of Wreck Bay, adjacent to the former Tourist Camp. Entry at a gravel and shingle point, swim out and pick up the reef on the right and swim down to the planned depth, usually around 25m. Heading north there are immense coral slopes and valleys with large black coral “bushes”. Fish life emperor, snapper, crocodile fish, lyre tail, small trigger fish, wrasse, parrot fish, lion fish and scorpion fish, box fish, many butterfly fish and regularly visited by turtles.

Black Rock Dive site

Diving Site Information

Aqaba diving Site Name
Site Name:

Black Rock Dive Site

Aqaba Dive Site Accessibility


Aqaba Dive Site Difficulty Level
Difficulty Level:

Beginners, Intermediate

Aqaba Dive Site Hot Spots
Site Hot Spots:

2 Buoy, Black Rocks

Aqaba Diving Site Depth Range
Depth Range:

10 ~ 25 Meters

Aqaba Dive Site Distance from Shore
Distance from Shore:

20 Meters

Aqaba Dive Site Suitable for Snorkeling
Suitable for Snorkeling:


Aqaba Dive Site Natural Features
Site Natural Features

Turtles, Seahorse, Frog Fish, Napoleon Fish, Reefs & Corals

Aqaba Diving Site Status
Diving Site Status: