Cable Reef Dive Site

Cable Reef, like the name has an electricity cables that connect Jordan to Egypt which become part of the reef. This is an amazing view with some occasional visits of turtles.

The electrical cables were laid from Jordan to Egypt in 1996. There are four cables running out over the seabed, the two cables to the North run through a deep canyon. Here the reef has been shored up on either side to prevent it collapsing on the cables. Large steel netting covers the reef to the North and South, coral is now growing through this. Large metal tubes straddle the canyon preventing collapse. These are now a habitat for soft corals and sponges, there is a great change for divers to spot an octopus or Spotted Eagle Ray one the dive site.

Cable Reef Aqaba dive site

Dive Site Information

Aqaba diving site name
Site Name:

Cable Reef Dive Site

Aqaba diving site accessibility

Shore, Boat

Aqaba diving site difficulty
Difficulty Level:

Beginners, Intermediate

Aqaba diving site hotspots
Site Hot Spots:

Electrical Cables

Aqaba diving site depth range
Depth Range:

5 ~ 30 Meters

Aqaba diving site distance from shore
Distance from Shore:

10 Meters

Aqaba diving snorkeling site
Suitable for Snorkeling:


Aqaba diving site Natural features - specs
Site Natural Features:


Aqaba diving site status
Diving Site Status:


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