Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

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Here at Aqaba Adventure Divers Resort we are capable of teaching ALL Padi courses from Scuba Diver to Instructor. When you start diving, it is hard to stop! So once you have been successful in your entry level certifications, you keep thinking what else is out there, or what else can I learn? Here at Discovery we have some of the most experienced Instructors on Aqaba . Their depth and vast knowledge help to prepare any new of Continuing Education diver to succeed in their new adventures.

The 4 types of Open Water Courses people usually want to start with are:

Scuba Diver
Open Water Diver
Advanced Open Water Diver
Rescue Diver

Below is a brief breakdown of what each course requires and the diver prerequisites.
PLEASE NOTE:- A medical form must be completed prior to any Padi course starting. For Scuba Diver/Open Water Diver courses you must read and complete the medical questionnaire, any YES answers must require you to see a Dr and get medical clearance before participating in the course. For Continuing Education students (Advanced/Rescue etc.) you will be required to fill this out again, any changes in your health from your Open Water Course will need medical clearance from a Dr before participating further.

Scuba Diver (2 Day course)

Scuba Diver is a PADI certification that allows the successful to dive to 12m MAX, and you must be accompanied by a PADI Professional at all times during and after certification. This is the first step on the ladder to the underwater world (the first half of the Open Water Diver Course.)
This certification is perfect for anyone who is wanting to build their confidence underwater, before upgrading to Open Water Diver which gives you the freedom of venturing off with a buddy without a Padi professional.
It is also great for anyone who cannot complete their Open Water Course for any reason due to sickness etc. or plans change and perhaps there just isn’t enough time of the holiday left.

✓         Anyone from the age of 10+ can obtain their Scuba Diver license.
✓         Mandatory Swim Tests- 10 minute survival float.
✓         Online Theory (Open Water Diver) completing chapters 1-3 (for each chapter there is 1 Quiz and 1 Knowledge Review to be completed.)
✓         Day 1- Confined Water Pool Session- Completing underwater and surface skills taught to you by your Padi Instructor.
✓         Day 2- Open Water Boat Day- 2 Dives completing underwater and surface skills outlined by your Padi Instructor.

Open Water Diver (3 Day course)

The Open Water license is a Padi certification that allows the successful to dive to 18m MAX with a buddy and without a Padi professional, if you so choose.
This certification is incredibly popular and eagerly awaits anyone willing to come on a new adventure.
This course is over a period of 3 days (1 pool session and 4 Open Water Dives over 2 days) with your Padi Instructor, learning all the skills necessary to keep you safe below and above the water.

✓         Anyone from the age of 10+ can obtain their Open Water Diver license.
✓         Mandatory Swim tests- Must prove you can swim 200m with no swimming aids/or 300m with swimming aids, and a 10 minute survival float.
* Online Theory (Open Water Diver) completing all 5 chapters (for each chapter there is 1 Quiz and 1 Knowledge Review) and a Final Exam at the end of the chapters. A Quick Review quiz will be administered by your Padi Instructor before or during training to ensure understanding of the theories content. You must complete at least Online chapters 1-3 before any pool training begins.
✓         Day 1- Confined Water Pool Session- Learning all the skills necessary for your safety and comfort before heading into the Open Water.
✓         Day 2- Open Water Boat Day- 2 Dives completing underwater and surface skills outlined by your Padi Instructor.
✓         Day 3- Open Water Boat Day- 2 Dives completing underwater and surface skills outlined by your Padi Instructor.

Advanced Open Water (2 Day course)

Scuba Divers must upgrade to Open Water before completing the Advanced Course.
Now that you have completed your Open Water Course you have been introduced to an incredible and exhilarating new world. The Advanced Open Water course allows the successful to dive up to 30m anywhere in the world.
This course has 5 dives (2 of which are mandatory, your Navigation and Deep dive) and then you get to choose 3 dives from the Padi list. Boat Dive, Cavern, Fish Identification, Photography, Peak Performance Buoyancy highly recommended, Underwater Naturalist, Search and Recovery, Wreck, Night, Dive against Debris, Enriched Air you can actually do this course back to back with the Advanced course, a bit more expensive but you get 2 certifications at the end, Self-Reliant or Sidemount. Each dive is the first dive of a Speciality. So this course is helping to build your skills as a diver and for you to discover what might interest you further.

* Anyone from the age of 10 can get their Junior Advanced Open Water certification (12m MAX until they are 12 years of age and then the depth limit will be 21m. From 15 years of age they will be allowed to the full 30m limit.)
* Online Theory (5 Chapters to read and complete a Knowledge Review for each dive you are doing. You must also read the “Thinking Like a Diver” chapter. Ideally you will have completed these before your dives.
* Day 1- Open Water Boat Day- 3 Dives helping you to master your chosen adventure dives. (1 dive- Navigation dive- 3rd dive)
Day 2- Open Water Boat Day- 2 dives starting with your Deep dive and then your final adventure dive.

Rescue Diver (2-3 Day course)

So you may have seen some divers having some problems underwater… and every part of you wants to help, but you do not know how… This Rescue course helps to build now on your ability to help and rescue divers or snorkelers in the water. Knowledge is power, and with these new-found skills you will feel better prepared and more confident in helping strangers or your fellow divers at the surface or underwater. However, remember, you are the most important! Never put yourself in a situation where you might also need to be rescued. You will learn how to handle Panicked divers (at the surface and underwater), Tired Divers, Unresponsive divers (at the surface and underwater) and learn how to search for missing divers and exiting the divers once found.
You must also have a current and renewed Emergency First Responder certification (EFR). If you have not got this before starting your training we can include this into your Rescue Course which would bring the course to 3 days.
* Anyone from the age of 12-14 years can get their Junior Rescue Diver Certification. 15 years and above Rescue Diver Certification.
* Day 1- Classroom (for EFR students only)- Learning all Primary and Secondary Care EFR training including CPR. You should have completed your EFR Knowledge Reviews prior to the classroom, and your EFR Instructor will administer a Final Exam for your Primary and Secondary theory.
* Rescue Theory- Must complete 5 chapters and knowledge reviews and a final exam at the end. If completed using the online E-Learning system then a quick review exam will be administered by your Padi Instructor after all theory has been completed.
* Day 2- Pool Session OR Open Water- Learning 10 different scenarios and the certain skills within each scenario relating to rescuing fellow divers or snorkelers. You may do this in the swimming pool or in confined open water.
* Day 3- Open Water Scenarios- Completing successfully the 2 Open Water Scenarios… combining the skills you learned the day before, and putting them altogether into two big scenarios.

So there you have an introduction into the 4 first Padi courses to get your toes wet. We look forward to teaching and developing you into the diver you want to be.

Start your adventure and training today with Aqaba Adventure Divers Resort and discover a whole new world and a whole new you

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