Is Jordan Safe to Visit Right Now?

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Are you thinking about visiting Jordan, but at the same time wondering how safe your trip would be? In this article, we will answer your question: Is Jordan Safe to Visit Right Now?

Jordan is a secure and sustainable destination for tourists. Over the years, Jordan has proven itself to be one of the few countries in the region that remains stable despite the regional challenges surrounding it.

The history of security and stability in Jordan dates back to ancient times. The Jordanian government places great importance on security and stability and works diligently to protect its citizens and visitors. Jordanian security agencies have extensive experience in combating crime and terrorism, contributing to the country’s safety for tourists.

One of the reasons that make Jordan a safe tourist destination is its leadership and the awareness of its people. Wise leadership and the strategic vision of the Jordanian king and government promote stability and social peace in the country. Jordan is a tolerant and diverse nation where people of various religions and cultures coexist peacefully.

Furthermore, Jordan has legislation in place to protect tourists and ensure their safety. Laws and procedures have been established to safeguard visitors and provide emergency services and healthcare 24/7.

Is it Safe to Visit Jordan Right Now?

In the last few weeks, the world was stunned by the news coming out of the Middle East. When the situation between Gaza and Israel escalated and led up to war, many concerns over the safety of traveling to countries in the surrounding region have risen. Jordan is, in many ways, a protector of peace and stability in a region that has long been thunderous, but this still might cause questioning the wisdom of holidaying there amid the conflict.

The Jordan Tourism Board said that Jordan is not affected by the military actions in Gaza and released a statement to explain visitors whether Jordan is “open” for tourists:

“In light of the recent developments in Gaza, we want to emphasize (sic) that Jordan continues to be a safe and welcoming destination for tourists from around the world.

“Our commitment to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all visitors remains unwavering. We want to reassure everyone that Jordan’s borders are open to tourists, and we are eager to share our extraordinary experiences with the world.

“We understand that tensions around the world can raise concerns, but we believe in the power of travel to foster understanding and build bridges between nations.

“As always, the Jordan Tourism Board is here to assist and support tourists in making the most of their visit.”

Are Jordan flights continuing?

Flights to and from Jordan are still going ahead and tourists can normally visit the country’s main tourist areas such as Amman, Aqaba, Petra, and Wadi Rum. Regarding the Dead Sea, however, tourists should be prepared for possible traffic congestion due to protests against the aggressive actions in Gaza. However, the political situation in Jordan is stable and the demonstrations in Amman and other places are peaceful.

 In conclusion, it can be said that tourism in Jordan is safe and reliable. Jordan has a long history of security and stability, wise leadership, and an aware population. There is legislation to protect tourists and provide a safe environment for their visits.

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